Wife Crazy Stacie Net Worth, Family & Career

Since its creation back in 2005 YouTube has thrust thousands upon thousands of people to fame. While some YouTubers chose the more traditional form of content to be their gateway to fame and success, others carved their own niche and one such YouTuber is Wife Crazy Stacie, who has put her own spin on humor.

If you are anything like us then you spend your fair share of time watching videos on YouTube and probably already know who Wife Crazy Stacie is. But if you are not then don’t worry, we will tell you everything about her right down below.

Who is Wife Crazy Stacie?

If you haven’t guessed by the name already Wife Crazy Stacie is not a real person but an online persona used by one Anastasia, whose other monikers include names like Crazy Stacie and Stacie Johnson. She has found considerable fame through her humorous portrayal of her struggles with diabetes and mental health issues.

Most of her content is related to her dealing with everyday situations like parenting, and family life while being diabetic and struggling with all the mental health challenges that come with such life. Her content focuses on humor to put a positive spin on everything and to give advice to others who may find themselves in similar situations.

Wife Crazy Stacie’s rise to fame

One cannot categorize her rise to fame as meteoric but it has certainly been fast as she has gathered a large following on YouTube in no time. On her YouTube channel, she has amassed a following of over three million and has since branched out to other social media platforms as well.

On her Instagram, she has over 900,000 followers and now she is also a TikTok, where her numbers will only get bigger and bigger considering her type of content is a perfect fit for the TikTok audience. If being a social media personality and content creator was not enough, she is now also known as a reality star.

Wife Crazy Stacie’s Net worth

When it comes to her net worth, we don’t really have a figure. But considering the kind of following she has and the numbers she gets on her videos and online content, her net worth should be quite considerable.

Wife Crazy Stacie Family

For someone whose content is related to her family life that involves her husband and children, she likes to keep her family and personal life private, and as such not much is known about her family. What we do know is that Anastasia is 41 years old and is Russian but later moved to America.

She has a cat named Whiskers and a dog who goes by the name Max. Perhaps one of the reasons for her success is her keeping her family private despite creating content related to them. This creates an aura of mystery and keeps her fans and the audience guessing and suspenseful.

Not all of Wife Crazy Stacie’s content is good

While on the surface it may seem that her content is wholesome and filled with humor, it’s not all rainbows and sunshine. She has been known to endorse products that one might consider suspicious to say the least and her stance on body image has also been heavily criticized and she has received sever backlash for both controversies.

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