The most famous memes in the world

What constitutes a meme? A picture, a slogan, and what makes a meme famous? Perfect timing and a dash of luck and this is how a viral internet joke is born. If you are an internet user then you know what memes are. Not a day goes by when you don’t see a meme on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, heck you might have even come across printouts and billboards.

A meme can be about anything, it can be about work, about family, different cultures, languages, and countries have their own meme, which outsiders might not understand. Even the art of creating a meme has become a meme, where graphic designers who are often behind editing such memes and have memes called Graphic design is my passion. What that means, is for you to find out. 

Because today we are looking at the most universal memes. Memes that everyone knows and loves. Today we will look at some of the most famous memes, we will see who is the actual person or persons in the meme, how the meme started, and what it means.

Distracted Boyfriend

People: Two leisure models with the pseudonyms Laura and Mario – the woman in the red top is unknown.

Is popular when: It is about some form of betrayal.

Mostly stands for: I think I just have to go Re-orientate.

It used to be said: Other mothers also have beautiful daughters.

When: The three put a stock photo that was supposed to show infidelity in a funny way.

How it went on: The couple in the photo can hardly save themselves from Internet queries – both want but remain anonymous.

Side-Eyeing Chloe

Person: Chloe Clem

Is popular when: Kim Jong-un threatens nuclear missiles again.

Mostly stands for: Strange surprises.

Originated when: Her parents said in the car that they were going to Disneyland instead of going to school.

How it went on: Your face was printed on the elevator door of the Google headquarters in Brazil.

Disaster Girl

Person: Zoe Roth

Mostly stands for: You think I’m harmless? I am the devil!

Originated when: Her father wanted to take a photo of her in front of a fire brigade exercise and she was supposed to smile.

How it went on: She sold the rights to the picture to a marketing agency and uses the proceeds to pay her tuition fees.

Hide your Pain Harold

Person: Arató András István

Usually stands for: My mouth is smiling, but my eyes are crying.

It used to be said: That Life is not a pony farm.

It came about when: A photographer discovered his vacation selfies on Facebook and hired him as a model.

How it went on: He made a good face to the bad meme

The Executive Order

Person: Donald J. Trump

Meme name: Executive Order

Is popular when: Trump brings everyone to the brink of a nervous breakdown and is also mightily proud of it.

Mostly stands for: Donald Trump is the stupidest president the USA has ever had.

Emerged as: Trump broke an old rule of the internet of never holding a white piece of paper in a camera.

First World Problems

Person: Silvia Bottini

Is often spread when: The spoiled children of stars complain that the caviar at the buffet is too warm.

Usually stands for:  Don’t complain like that!

Originated when: her friend, a photographer, asked her to cry for a series of photos.

How it went on: She is working on a film about what it’s like to be a meme.

The “Royal” Town Crier

Person: Tony Appleton

Mostly stands for: HEY!

Originated when: He started to announce the weddings and births of the British royal family for fun.

How it went on: He now knows what a meme is.

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