The 10 Best Breakfasts around the world

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and you should never skip it. While some of us may keep it simple with a cup of coffee or tea and some toast others go all out when it comes to breakfast. So let us go on a trip and look at some of the best breakfasts around the world.

Halwa Poori/ Chole Bhature

We start with Halwa Poor/Chole Bhature a traditional breakfast from Pakistan and India. Where you have Poori a thin fried bread made of wheat flour called maida, chickpea curry called Chaney or Chole, and a sweet semolina pudding called Halwa.

Halwa Poori

This breakfast is heavy on the many spices found in the Indian subcontinent and oil of course but the incredible taste makes up for the few pounds you will put on. To wash the breakfast down, people usually go with Lassi a yogurt-based milk beverage that can be sweet or salty.

Gallo Pinto

For our next breakfast, we go to Costa Rica, where the traditional breakfast is called Gallo Pinto. It is a combination of stir-fried rice and beans cooked with onions, red chili, cilantro, and the signature sauce for the country called Salsa Lizano.

Gallo Pinto

Gallo Pinto is served with a side of eggs, cheese, avocados, or some plantains if you prefer and you can wash it all down with some fruit juice or coffee. Overall, it is a well-rounded and healthy breakfast.

Full English Breakfast

When we say tasty food English food never comes to mind and we mean no offence. But the Full English Breakfast is something that we can surely add to the list of best breakfasts around the world. 

Full English Breakfast

You start with eggs fried, poached, or scrambled, a few slices of crispy bacon, a few Cumberland or Lincolnshire pork sausages, some grilled tomatoes and mushrooms, a bowl of baked beans, some hashbrowns, and black pudding, a few slices of toast and you wash it all down with some earl Grey.

Nasi Lemak

Nasi Lemak is a traditional Malaysian breakfast and a national dish. It is a combination of sweet, spicy, and Savory, all different in taste yet sits in harmony in Nasi Lemak. The core of the dish is the coconut rice cooked with pandan leaf.

Nasi Lemak

To which you add some sambal a spicy chili paste, some anchovies, and roasted peanuts. It is served with a side of fried or oiled egg and cucumber slices, yum yum.

Pastel de Nata

Let us head back to Europe and try out Pastel De Nata in Portugal which goes back to the eighteenth century and further. It is a flaky pastry or a tart filled with lots of butter, egg, sugar, milk, and flour. To add a little more zest to it you add lemon, cinnamon, and hints of vanilla.

Soft on the inside and crispy on the outside it is baked and even burned a little and served at room temperature and goes great with a hot cup of coffee.


Next, we head to Venezuela and Columbia for some Arepas a flatbread made from maize. You can fill it with a variety of things both separately and in a combo. For breakfast people usually go with fried eggs, cheese, and tomatoes, the meat of choice is usually ham but chicken is good as well.

You can also add beans, avocados, and plantains. You can also fill it with cream or sauces for extra flavor and grill it to get a nice crisp. 


In China, we have savory and delicious steamed buns called Bao buns or Baozi. The filling of choice is usually minced pork but you can choose other meats as well. Add to it some ginger, some lotus seed and red bean paste, and a bit of soy sauce, and close the fun.

If you want you can add some cabbage as well, sprinkle some sesame seeds over the buns, and steam them. It is not only a healthy breakfast but a great snack as well.

Ful Medames

Next, we go to the Middle East for some Ful Medames a savory dish originating from Egypt and Lebanon. You make it with mashed fava beans, add to it some olive oil, garlic, lemon cumin, diced tomatoes, parsley, and onions, and cook it.

You then top it off again with olive oil and serve it with a side of boiled eggs and tahini sauce. To wash it all down drink some tasty Middle Eastern coffee.

Kaleh Pacheh

If you want a healthy and hardy meal you eat Kaleh Pacheh in Iran. The name translates to head and hoofs in Persian and the dish is made from sheep head and hoofs. It might not be the kind of breakfast you usually go for, but once you try it you will be hooked.

It is broth made from boiling the head and hoofs and you add onion, garlic, and a variety of different spices like turmeric, cinnamon, and bay leaves and let it cook for a few hours until the meat is so tender that it falls off the bones and you eat the broth with naan (flat bread) cooked in the tandoor oven.


Our last stop on the tour to find the best breakfast around the world is Turkey, where we try Menemen. If you are not already in love with the name then you will surely love the taste. Menemen is scrambled eggs cooked with tomatoes, onions, peppers, olive oil, and an assortment of spices.

You start with frying the onions and peppers and then add the rest of the ingredients gradually and fry it all till the texture is thick and creamy. You eat this mouth-watering dish with pide the Turkish flatbread.

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