Personality Tests: Worth your time or not?

Answer these 10 questions and discover who you are – every lurid character or personality test begins like this or something like that. Of course, this is exaggerated, but in fact, one or the other online questionnaire can tell you more about yourself. We have collected 4 of these tests for you, from funny to super interesting, which you should try.

Why personality tests at all?

Of course, you can find numerous personality tests online that are simply designed to be fun. You can find out which Hogwarts house the Sorting Hat would send you to, which element you represent, or which Star Wars character is most similar to you. The tests that we present to you here, but go in a slightly different direction: You can tell a lot about yourself as an individual character, maybe make sure that you understand yourself better. At the same time, they can show you which professions are right for you. For this reason, tests of this type are often used in assessment centers. The free versions that we link to here can give you an impression of it. You can use it to prepare yourself well for official tests at the same time – and they are fun too!

Owl, dolphin, whale, or shark?

3 sea creatures and an owl? You rightly ask yourself: What is that supposed to mean? This personality test has a clear focus: the career. He tries to explain how personalities tick about their profession. The owl, for example, is considered organized and disciplined but reluctant to take risks. The dolphin sees life as an exciting adventure. He can inspire and motivate, but he finds it difficult to concentrate on just one thing. And the whale and the shark? Find out! Who knows, maybe the test will help you understand the way you work and think a little better.

16 personalities: Myers-Briggs type indicator

Published in 1944, the MBTI isn’t even the oldest personality test on our list. He tries to classify the participants in the psychological types developed by Carl Gustav Jung. There are 8 indicators: introversion, extraversion, intuition, sensing, feeling, thinking, judging, and perceiving. On various websites, you can answer a free version of the personality test and read through a long description of your supposed personality. Super exciting!

Difficult Person Test

This test might help you figure out how difficult of a person you are. It was created by Chelsea Sleep and a University of Georgia colleague. There is a scientific measurement of seven factors that make up a tough person. The test is usually a series of quizzes in which you’ll determine what level of difficulty you’re at.

The difficult person test is frequently given to persons with a posh personality, even though it is complex but not impossible to understand. To identify your personality, the exam usually comprises 35 quizzes. The test is available on IDRLabs and is growing increasingly popular.

Big Five: 5 Scales of Personality

Contrary to what the name suggests, it’s getting scientific now. Big Five describes the five-factor model from which a personality is deciphered: openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, tolerance, and neuroticism. It has been researched since the 1930s, proven by numerous studies, is taken up in numerous and is considered the standard model of personality research. Neuroticism, in case you asked yourself that, stands for experiencing, feeling, and acting with negative emotions. In short: emotional instability. For reliable and scientifically sound results, this personality test should be carried out professionally, but you can also get an impression of yourself online.


The whole point of personality tests is that they may be used for self-reflection and to assist people in better understanding themselves to improve their interactions with others.

If a position demands a specific character characteristic or personality type, for example, taking a personality test can help determine who is best suited for that function and eliminate the chance of individuals being placed in the incorrect jobs.

Personality tests, above all, reveal an individual’s strengths and flaws. With this crucial knowledge, you may now concentrate on enhancing your strengths while minimizing your flaws.

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