Interesting facts about rare cat colors

If someone asks you how many cat colors there are, what would your answer be? Most people would go for white, black, orange, and grey, which is a good answer, but do you know cats come in many more colors? and you will be amazed to find out about some of these rare cat colors.

For starters, even the white color comes in multiple shades. First, you have the average white color, which is the standard, and then you have a Chinchilla cat which while being white is slightly different, some of us can’t even tell the difference and then you have the rare Albino cat, a shade of white that is let’s just say really white.

Here are some more interesting rare cat color facts for you to read and enjoy.

  • Technically almost all cats are white, and it is a genetic mutation that gives them the color, often it is considered a different shade of white.
  • Some of the rarest cat colors include the Albino, Silver pattern, Tortoiseshell, plain white, smoke pattern, chocolate color, and color point pattern. You would think white would be more common, but you would be surprised.
  • Albino cats may maybe the rarest of all but albinism happens in every animal species, even human beings, and just like human beings, albino cats are more prone to skin cancer and sunburn.
  • Cinnamon color cat is a rare breed of cat called Ceylon Cinnamon cat. Ceylon is the old name of Sri Lanka and this is where the cat also originates from and most of the world’s cinnamon spice also comes from Sri Lanka, a happy coincidence?
rare cat colors
  • Tortoiseshell and calico color patterns are often a mixture of three base colors with various levels of shading and two of them are mostly black and white.
  • Many cat breeds like the Russian Blue or the French Chartreux come in blue and it is not the kind of blue, you are thinking. This blue shade is similar to gray color but one can easily tell the difference.
rare cat color
  • The Chocolate color cats are relatively a new breed and have only been bred in England since the early 1900s and have become very popular and are known for their companionship.
  • Both the eye color of a cat and the color of its fur are related to each other and cats are usually born with blue eye color and white coat, which changes as they grow up.
  • Different cat colors are associated with different personality traits and this was proven by researchers at the University of California in 2015, so if you want a really feisty cat, get a calico cat.
  • In many cultures there are superstitions associated with different cat colors. For example, black cats are often associated with witchcraft and dark magic, and a black cat crossing your path is often considered a bad omen in many cultures.
Black rare cat colors
  • White color cats, on the other hand, are often associated with purity and innocence but all is not good for them because, in some cultures, they are associated with ghosts.
  • Gingers in humans often are the butt of the joke, but ginger cats have it good as they are often associated with wealth, fortune, and, good luck.

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