The Great Western Buildings Lawsuit Explained

From legal experts, architects, and engineers to the media, the Great Western Building Lawsuit has caught the attention of everyone, and rightly so. The case is a complex one and is slowly unfolding and as it does its implications on the real estate development and the construction industry will be huge.

Today we will look at the case in-depth, we will study the allegations made, examine both the plaintiffs and the defendants and their arguments, and see how the court proceedings are going and what will be the impact of the case when it comes to its eventual end.

Great Western Buildings Lawsuit Overview

A lawsuit was filed against Great Western Buildings by several parties alleging that there were considerable work hindrances by Great Western Buildings in the form of delayed payments, lack of communication, delivery issues, and safety concerns in the form of construction standards not being maintained.

Specific Allegations in the Lawsuit

The Great Western Buildings Lawsuit alleges that the defendant has been in breach of contract by not delaying payments for the services and products provided like roll-up doors for the project. Resulting in losses for all the parties involved as the work is delayed or stops

It is also alleged that the company is miscommunicating with the clients and contractors resulting in deliveries not being made or being late and work slowing down on projects and no explanation given to the clients as to why this is happening.

Lastly, there is a safety concern in the Great Western Buildings Lawsuit, with allegations being made that the material being used does not meet the industry standard and this has led to significant repairs being made by the clients afterwards to remedy the situation resulting in an increased financial burden on them.

The litigants involved

Here is a brief overview of both litigants involved in the Great Western Buildings Lawsuit and what their specific roles are.

The Defendant

Great Western Buildings is the defendant in the lawsuit and the allegations are filed against it. The company manufactures pre-engineered steel buildings and related metal components. The company is based out of Colorado but does business all over the country.

The Plaintiffs

There is not a single plaintiff involved in the case and from the looks of it, it might be a class action lawsuit. Among the plaintiffs are property owners and contractors involved in the business and are being represented by attorney Nicholas P. Hanson.

Legal Proceedings so far

Great Western Buildings Lawsuit is still being fought in the courtroom by the litigants and no verdict has been reached yet. The law firm Jorgensen, Brownell & Pepin is representing the other side and the court is still hearing the arguments from both sides.

Both sides have shared all the relevant data and information with the court and are presenting their expert witnesses and their arguments are being heard with counterarguments being made by the opposing side.

So far it seems that both sides are confident in their cause and satisfied with how the case is going. They are satisfied with the performance of their attorneys so far and feel that they are poised to win and claim justice in this case.

Implications of the lawsuit

However, the case proceeds, and no matter which side wins, it is clear that the lawsuit will have severe implications, especially for the defendants if they lose. Not only will it affect them directly but will also change how the industry as a whole operates.

For the defendant

If the defendants are found guilty in the Great Western Buildings Lawsuit, there will be serious repercussions for them starting with fines for the company, not to mention all the payments that the plaintiffs want to recoup. 

This will result in financial losses for the company and if they are unable to pay it, they might even have to file for bankruptcy. However, this is just the beginning, because if the courts deem that the safety standards were too lax and the materials used too subpar the punishment can be even more severe.

For the industry as a whole

If the defendant is found guilty, the industry as a whole will also have to change how it operates. If companies are operating in the same manner as Great Western Buildings, then they can also face potential lawsuits and legal battles of their own.

At the very least they will have to revise their operating procedure, update their safety standards and quality controls, and streamline their communications with contractors and clients. All the while having to deal with the loss of trust by clients in the industry as a whole.


The Great Western Buildings Lawsuit will have a great impact on how companies manage their business and will certainly create changes in the industry, hopefully for the best. The companies will need to be more transparent with their client and maintain industry standards to not fall into the same predicament as Great Western Buildings.

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