Deborah Meaden Net Worth

Deborah Meaden net worth is  £50 million. Let me explain her career and how she achieved such a great net worth so far. 

We are all aware of the hit TV show Shark Tank and its famous investors aka the Sharks like Mark Cuban and Kevin O Leary. But did you know Shark Tank is an offshoot of another TV show from the UK called Dragon’s Den? On Dragon’s Den instead of Sharks you have Dragons like Deborah Meaden and today we will find out Deborah Meaden Net worth.

We will not only tell you all about Deborah Meaden but also tell you how much she is worth and how she made all her money and most important of all, where does her entrepreneur spirit comes from. So, without further wait here is all you need to know.

Who is Debora Meaden?

Debora Meaden is a self-made multimillionaire from Somerset England. Born in in 1959 in Somerset, she was raised in Essex where she lived with her mom, an older sister, and her stepfather who essentially raised her and whose last name she uses.

She then went to Brighton Technical College where she enrolled in a business program and started working part-time. She then quit college before getting her degree and moved to Italy to start a ceramics export agency, which failed after a year and a half.

She then tried her hand at a few other businesses with varying success before joining Weststar Holidays, a holiday park company. She worked her way up to management and eventually acquired the company after a managerial buyout and became the majority shareholder.

What is Deborah Meaden Net Worth?

Deborah Meaden has a net worth of approximately £50 million. She made most of her money (£33 million) from partially selling her stock in Weststar Holidays of which she was a majority shareholder. She then invested this money into other ventures like real estate and considerably increased Deborah Meaden net worth over the years.

Deborah Meaden Net Worth

How much has she invested in Dragon’s Den?

Deborah Meaden joined Dragon’s Den in 2006 with the start of season 3 and has been with the show ever since, which is a considerable time since the show has 21 seasons to date. She is described as a fierce investor and a fan favorite and is essentially a British version of Barbara Corcoran from Shark Tank US.

Deborah Meaden has always had a strong entrepreneurial spirit. This is evident from her starting many businesses from a very young age and from the way she invests in Dragon’s Den. Since joining the TV show she has invested over £3 million in various businesses and startups in the show.

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