College party themes: We have 11 cool suggestions for you!

Are you looking for a great motto for your next college dorm party? The possibilities for topics are almost unlimited. But so that you don’t have to search forever, we’ve put together a list of 11 of the greatest theme parties for you!

Theme parties are usually incredibly fun. Not only the outfits of the guests, but also the decoration, the food, the music or the games can be tailored to them and create a very special atmosphere for this one evening. Every party deserves a cool motto! The important thing is that it doesn’t get too complicated. In addition, everyone should have fun with the topic and not feel uncomfortable. Then nothing stands in the way of a crazy and unusual theme party!

#1: 90’s-Party

You can finally get out your old Backstreet Boys posters! The 90s are still a popular party motto, which is not too difficult to implement. After all, the decade of grunge, the Spice Girls and techno is currently back, at least in terms of fashion. 

# 2: Movie motto

It doesn’t matter whether your motto focuses on just one film, an entire film series or film characters in general. In any case, you offer your guests a great theme for dressing up. How about a Tarantino or James Bond party, for example? But films like “Grease” also offer beautiful outfits, especially for the ladies.

#3: Bad-Taste-Party

At this classic theme college dorm party, which has been popular for years, the guests wear everything that stands for bad taste. Wildly thrown together and ugly pieces that you would never wear in everyday life make for funny outfits and photos. Even when it comes to make-up and accessories, you can really go wrong!

#4: Hollywood-Party

Always wanted to feel like your favorite star? Then now is your chance! Because with this motto, everyone can dress up as the celebrity of their choice, whether dead or alive.

# 5: Disney Motto

Fairytale classics such as “Snow White”, “Cinderella” or “Arielle” provide great costume ideas, which are a bit more complex. But “Pocahontas” or “Frozen” also wear outfits that die-hard Disney fans will create and present with passion.

#6: Cabinet of Horrors

It doesn’t always have to be Halloween to turn into the scariest characters. At any other time, choosing a freak show or zombie night as a theme party is also perfectly legitimate. By the way, here are great ideas for spooky costumes with your partner!

#7: The ’70s Show

Many themed parties are based on a specific decade and reflect (often a bit ironically and over the top) the style of the time. A 70s party is all about hippies and disco.

#8: Come as you are

Conveniently, this somewhat unusual motto requires next to no effort: everyone simply shows up in the outfit they were wearing when they received the invitation to the party. Some of them are sure to surprise you!

#9: Beach-Party

A cool idea, especially in the cold and gray winter: simply bring back the summer! Guests can throw on beach outfits and bikinis while palm trees, sangria and summer hits play in the background for the perfect holiday vibe. The generously turned up heating ensures the right temperature.

#10: American High School

Surely everyone has seen an American teen movie in which popular cheerleaders flirt with the quarterback, while the teachers are in crisis and the unpopular nerds are desperate for a date to the prom. With this motto it means: Get out your college jacket and pompoms!

#11: Gender swap

Admittedly, this motto may cost some people a little effort, but the results are usually hilarious: the women slip into the role of the men for one evening and vice versa. Outfit and behavior are also adjusted accordingly – long live the gender cliché!

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