Boredom? 11 funny ideas to pass the time

You simply have nothing to do and no ideas come to mind either. When the weather isn’t exactly inviting to go out, the question arises “What to do against boredom?” The answer is very simple and easy: Off to the Internet!

The internet is full of the funniest internet gimmicks and one can never get bored or tired by exploring it.

So are you ready? Then let’s go. From entertaining games to scientific aha moments, there is a lot.

1. It’s Google Maps: but where are you?

It’s a game with a random landscape image from Google Street View and the question: Where is that? GeoGuessr lets you compete in single player mode or challenge mode to solve the puzzle. Of course, the closer you are to your guess, the more points you get. Read the signs, and try to guess where that place is.


2. If the moon were only one pixel

Based on the assumption that the moon is only one pixel in size, the page of the same name shows a true-to-scale model of the universe that you can scroll through. In addition to interesting comparisons, you will also learn that there are some corners of space where there is really nothing to see.


3. Random education thanks to Wikipedia

On the Wikipedia home page you will find an inconspicuous link labeled “Random Article”. Just click on it. So you can involuntarily improve your knowledge with interesting facts and if you are anything like us then it won’t be long before you find something interesting to read 

4. YouTube-Roulette

If you want to do something against boredom but aren’t looking for intellectual challenges, the random principle is also available in a visual format. Videos from the platform selected at random are played on the Caution: In individual cases, the material could make you doubt humanity.

5. Sort out Facebook friends

Granted, the task of cleaning out your Facebook friends list isn’t quite as fun, but it probably makes all the more sense. I’m sure you’re no longer interested in what the people you met years ago on vacation and then bumped into on Facebook are doing today. Or maybe you are?

6. Find out more about your personality

We can always learn more about ourselves; in fact we should strive to learn more about ourselves. So if you are in the mood for some soul searching then might we suggest a personality? It is easy to find out good things about yourself, this time try the difficult person test to find the bad.

7. Playing with colors

If you don’t necessarily have a red-green weakness, then test your color perception. The “Color – Method of Action” page allows you to do just that in a total of six disciplines.


8. Funny comics abound

You might want to read something at some point, but not lose the fun? In this case, there is for friends of English comics and dark humor. On the portal you can click through picture stories for hours. Perfect to do something against boredom.

9. The bot knows everything

Have you ever measured yourself against a digital Djinn? Then this is your chance. On the site you compete against one. All you have to do is think of a famous person and answer the bot a few questions about it. Bet he ends up guessing who you had in mind?

10. Snake in bunt

Anyone who has ever been the proud owner of a Nokia cell phone will of course know the Snake game. On the portal you can revive the funny game in a certain way. However, something is new besides the color and graphics: You can also eat smaller snakes controlled by other players for feeding purposes.

11. Futility in perfection

You still don’t know what to do against boredom? Then the best for last: If you are looking to explore the depths of the internet, nothing helps better than The Useless Web. The site takes you straight to the most mundane and pointless websites the web has to offer with one click. When you’re done with that, you’ve seen it all.


Conclusion: Boredom doesn’t stand a chance on the internet

What to do against boredom? You shouldn’t ask yourself this question again in the future. The Internet offers some treasures that make time fly by. If you want, you can even learn something from it. But you don’t have to.

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