Andre Hakkak Wife, An Insider Look at Her Life

Andre Hakkak wife, Marissa Shipman, was born in New York. She is a globally well-known businesswoman and entrepreneur. She is renowned as a founder of a famous beauty brand, the Balm Cosmetics. 

She first attended Tulane University, where she earned a degree in Theatre and then made a career. Her journey covers both professional success and her personal life, including her marriage and becoming the sensational Andre Hakkak’s wife. 

Here we talk about Andre Hakkak wife, her marriage, physical appearance, career, net worth, and the values that describe her life.

Graceful and Elegant: Marissa’s Physical Appearance

Marissa is seen as one of the most stylish and confident ladies. She always looks classy showing her skills in makeup and beauty stuff. Also, she has a great radiant smile and friendly vibe that makes her a favorite in work and social circles. Additionally, as she is good at what she does, she likes to be a spokesperson for her cosmetics company.

Marriage and Relationship with Andre Hakkak

Marissa Shipman and Andre Hakkak together built a strong relationship of love, trust, and mutual respect. While not much authentic information is available about their personal life, it is found that they first met in 2012 at a tech conference. Their initial connection quickly grew leading to their marriage in 2015.

Marissa Shipman, Andre Hakkak Wife loving her puppies

Currently, they are leading a happy married life. They both balance their careers and personal lives by concentrating on what truly matters. 

Career of Andre Hakkak Wife

Andre’s wife started theBalm Cosmetics, a San Francisco-based company in 2004. She loves cosmetics and wants to make great products without harming animals. Her love for makeup and smart thinking made her brand successful around the world. On the other hand, she is deeply committed to philanthropic work. Today, her empowerment efforts extend to support education and mentorship programs for aspiring females.

Andre Hakkak Wife Net Worth

The exact figures for Marissa” net worth are not publicly available. Considering the success of Balm Cosmetics, it is estimated to be in the millions. Her entrepreneurial journey led to a globally recognized brand. Moreover, her success highlights her savvy business and innovative mindset.


Andre Hakkak wife is a multitalented entrepreneur whose contributions to the beauty industry and philanthropic efforts have had a significant effect. Her marriage to Andre Hakkak is a clear example of how shared values and mutual support enable them to achieve progress in life. 

She guides ambitious women entrepreneurs, helping them navigate the challenges of growing their businesses.   Thus, she is an inspiration to many, showing that success is more than personal achievements. Indeed, it is one of the most powerful modes of uplifting others and creating long-lasting positive impact on lives.

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