6 Video games that you must play

As a gamer you know there is no shortage of video games to choose from. There are so many video games out there that one can spend a life time playing them all and not get done. Not to mention newer and newer video games coming out every year. Before you give the new ones a try, I suggest playing these not so old video games and let me know how you feel about them.


When an indie game comes across your path purely through word of mouth, it’s hard to suppress your curiosity. That happened to me with Undertale. Graphics that evoke nostalgia for Earthbound, a story that has been carefully developed to play in multiple ways and thus effectively get a different experience, iconic characters, a soundtrack that guarantees countless remixes and so on. Lead developer Toby Fox deserves credit for the care he has put into all facets of the game. Believe the hype: Undertale is worth every word of praise.

Tomb Raider (2013)

With stinkers like Revelations, Angel of Darkness and Underworld, video game icon Lara Croft has been missing a good adventure for years. Until this game suddenly proved that reboots can sometimes really work wonders. A young Lara is pushed to the limit as she struggles to survive on the mysterious island of Yamatai. This is accompanied by stunning set pieces and clever shortcuts between beautiful locations, like a mix between Uncharted and Metroidvania. Although successors Rise and Shadow followed the formula successfully, this first game remains the best in my opinion – mainly thanks to Yamatai’s design. With the Remastered version, this stunning game became even more beautiful and you certainly have no reason to go on an adventure yourself.

Titanfall 2

How do you give a former ‘multiplayer-only’ game a decent single player? Respawn Entertainment took on that challenge with verve and the end result is arguably the best FPS single player campaign of this decade. Dozens of articles have already been written about the genius of the time travel level ‘Effects and Cause’, but let’s not forget that every level of Titanfall 2 is a gem in design. Platforming and tight shooting are wonderfully mixed together, and on top of that you really bond with your robotic companion BT at the end. Not to mention the fantastic multiplayer… Titanfall 2 is an absolute blast of a game.

Destiny 2

Ever since Destiny 2 became free to play, it has brought a fresh life into the game. Looks like developers at Bungie Inc finally know what they are doing. For someone like me who was already a fan of all the PVP this great first-person shooter had to offer was happy to see that more and more people are joining the game and the PVP arena is becoming more tough and challenging. For those who are more into PVE shouldn’t be disappointed, as the game offers great PVE content especially for players who like to collect weapons and heirlooms. One can do luna’s howl quest or many more like it, not just to get great weapons but to also use them against players in PVP, who doesn’t have them.

The Talos Principle

Even more mysterious than the devilishly difficult puzzles you have to solve is the overarching story of The Talos Principle. Without prior knowledge, you wake up like an android in a classical Greek garden and receive instructions from the divine Elohim. Gradually you discover computers with data logs, QR codes with messages from – apparently, or not? – other players and a tower that is off limits, as if it were a modern ‘apple tree’ in the Garden of Eden. Put your best geometric foot forward and discover what it’s like to be human in The Talos Principle.

Borderlands 3 Save Editor

One of the best open world exploration games out there, Borderlands 3 can slug it out with the best of them. Everything that makes a video game great, Borderlands as it, great graphics check, sublime story line check, awesome gear and weapons check, check and check. There are many great open world games but what gives Borderlands an edge over its rival is the innovative weapons and armor that you use against your enemies. One does even have to play the whole game to test them out. Just use Borderlands 3 Save Editor and test out all the weapons and gadgets the game has to offer. And before any of you complain that its cheating, no its not all you are doing is using BL3 Save Editor to check the weapons etc.

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