5 Best Chocolates in Pakistan

If there is one thing that transcends borders, nationalities, cultures, age, and gender, it is chocolate. Who among us doesn’t like chocolate? You can go to a convenience store in any country and you will find it selling chocolates and people buying them. Pakistan is the same in that respect so today we find out 5 best chocolates in Pakistan.

Cadbury Dairy Milk

Cadbury Dairy Milk is without the best chocolate in Pakistan. It is manufactured locally in Pakistan and sold absolutely everywhere. For an international brand, it is relatively cheaper compared to other chocolates like KitKat or Snickers, which helps with the number of sales.

Best Chocolate in Pakistan

Cadbury Dairy Milk has a variety of different flavors that it sells in Pakistan and they come in different sizes and prices. It is often used as a gift given on birthdays and other special occasions and used by people in celebration.


KitKat is possibly the most famous chocolate in the world and this holds true for Pakistan as well. Despite being on the expensive side you can easily find it in most stores in Pakistan and the number of sales is high. Just like with Dairy Milk, it is often used as a gift given on special occasions. 

As far as we know it is not manufactured locally, although Nestle its manufacturer has factories in Pakistan. Pakistanis living abroad also tend to bring KitKats along with other chocolates when visiting their loved ones here.

Bourneville Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate is not particularly liked by most Pakistanis and as a result, Bourneville Dark Chocolate is not one of the more known chocolates in Pakistan. However, among the brands of Dark chocolate sold in the country, it can be considered the best Dark chocolate in Pakistan.

Bourneville Dark Chocolate is not sold in every store in Pakistan but can be found in all the major supermarkets and you can also easily find it online. While not a cooking chocolate it is often used by people in baking recipes.


After Dairy Milk and KitKat, one can argue which chocolate is more famous in Pakistan, Mars or Snickers. If Pakistanis were to vote for it then the results would be quite close, but in our own experience, Mars seems to be the winner as not everyone goes for peanut-flavored chocolates.

Similar to KitKat, Mars is on the expensive side of chocolates, and isn’t manufactured locally, and is mostly imported. However, you can find it in most stores alongside KitKat and Snickers.

Italiano Cooking Chocolate

Although most of the chocolates we have mentioned so far are chocolates that we directly consume, it would be a sin not to mention or add Italiano Cooking chocolate to the mix, as it is one of the best cooking chocolates in Pakistan.

Don’t let its name fool you as it is manufactured locally in Pakistan and is just one of the many products sold by the company. All the products are sold both locally and online and at very reasonable prices.

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