13+ Interesting Facts about the National Bird of India

The national bird of India goes by many names but is most commonly known as Indian Peacock or Indian Peafowl. It is a beautiful and majestic creature with its many colors representing the many sides of India. Here are some interesting facts about the national bird of India.

Facts About the National Bird of India:

National Bird of India
  • It is most commonly known as Maur in Hindi, Sanskrit, and Urdu.
  • The first Emperor of the Mauryan empire Chandragupta Maurya is said to have been raised by peacock farmers and that is where the name comes from.
  • It was declared the national bird of India in 1963.
  • In Hindu mythology it is a vehicle used by the Hindu god Lord Murugan.
  • It is heavily depicted in Indian art and architecture.
  • The original throne used by the Mughal emperors was called the Peacock throne.
  • Peacock tails and feathers can grow as long as six feet.
  • Peacocks shed their feathers every year and new ones grow in their place.
  • Peacocks can live up to a ripe old age of twenty years.
  • White peacocks are a result of a gene mutation that causes those birds to lose their color.
  • Male peacocks attract females by sending out mating calls.
  • However, one-third of the mating calls by male peacocks are fake and used to enlarge their harem and to dominate other male peacocks.
  • The color, plumage, feather, and tail length of a male peacock play an important role in him getting accepted or rejected by a female peacock.
  • While peacocks mate for life, they maintain a harem of two to five peahens and fiercely protect them.
  • When peacocks get lonely, they make weird sounds to showcase their loneliness.

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