10 Tips on how to behave in the gym with other people

Your gym is crowded, you don’t know how to behave because you are new, you don’t want to appear rude and you don’t want to be out of place. It’s a new world for you, you imagine that there are unwritten rules of behaviour and you want to learn them right away. It’s not easy to walk into a gym and move around easily, let alone when it’s too crowded. So here are 10 useful tips on how to behave and feel comfortable in the gym.

1. Sweating is good for you! – Enter the weight room and immediately choose a cardio machine where you can warm up, treadmills are often preferred to other machines, so you will surely find an exercise bike or a step free, they are easy to use, so choose them! When you finish remember to clean the machine with paper and disinfectant, people observing you will appreciate this attention you dedicate to them.

2. Choose and share! – Once the heating is finished, go straight to the car you want to use, don’t think about it too much and if it’s busy people are usually asked: How many series are you missing? Can we alternate? You will be able to socialize and you will immediately understand that people in the gym seem much kinder and more sociable, after all they are in the same situation as you. They will not say no, by sharing the machinery you will share the effort.

3. It is possible for two on the same machine! – be careful to put your towel on when you use it and take it off when you finish the series, the person you alternate with will do the same. Remember that it is a nice gesture of courtesy to put back the weight that your training partner used in the series before you. So, you might ask: What weight do I put on you? 

4. Do you need the bench? – If it’s Monday and you are a boy you tend to have to train your chest and you will have to start with the flat bench that you will find regularly occupied. By observing the person on a tool, evaluate if you can go and ask to alternate, if you are a beginner, asking a person who lifts high loads can be complicated to organize to load and unload the weights for each set.  

Therefore, to alternate with barbell exercises it is advisable to lift the same loads more less.

5. Would you give me a hand? – When you alternate between exercises with dumbbells and barbells, help is often appreciated. So, giving a hand to those who train with you and are trying to complete the last repetition could be an opportunity for the latter to return the favour later. If you’ve never helped anyone, you might ask, “How do you want me to help you?” the person will explain how to do it and will be happy to do it because this will give him value.

6. Watch out for breaks! – Usually, weight training includes breaks that can range from 30 to 180 seconds. If the gym is crowded, there is probably a person who will wonder when the machine you are using will be free, so stay on it long enough to complete your exercise.

7. Short circuit! – If you want to do a circuit training this could be complicated because changing machines quickly for each series requires that they are always free and available, unfortunately you will almost never find the gym completely empty to be able to do it fluently.

Therefore, establish a circuit workout with your trainer to do on a bench with dumbbells and at most with a small barbell. Circuits are all the rage and will make you look trendy and focused on your workout.

8. Your bench! – It is not possible and convenient to alternate on all tools, in fact usually it is not done on the benches that can be considered more personal than other machines. However, courtesy gestures will always be highly appreciated in the gym.

9. Your Smartphone! – while doing the exercise do not place it on a machine or a bench that could be used by someone else. Where can you put it? If you want to take it with you, the Smartphone holder bands are very useful and trendy.

10. Be Courteous! In the heat of the moment when exercising, people can often get loud and often start slamming weights. It can be distracting for other members and considered rude. Some gyms have measures to stop them like Planet Fitness Lunk Alarm, but others don’t. 

So, beware of your surroundings and be courteous to your fellow gym members and keep the noise down to minimum.

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